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Rocket City Marathon Expands In 2022- Entry Deadline Nearing For Entire Family Event

HUNTSVILLE- There’s less than one month remaining to register for the 2022 running of the annual Rocket City Marathon. Those registering through Dec. 2 can ... Read more

3 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Bob Jones Swimmer Constance Wang Looking At National Merit Scholarship

MADISON- The National Merit Scholarship Program was created to identify and honor scholastically talented American youth and to encourage each of them to develop their ... Read more

3 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Brad Jefferson- COVID Survivor: Bob Jones Coach Had Prayers Answered

MADISON- Brad Jefferson is a COVID survivor. The 18-year veteran coach in the Madison City Schools is currently the head coach of the Bob Jones ... Read more

5 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Patriot Racing Team Is More Than Taking The Checkered Flag

MADISON- As both highly intelligent and exceptionally competitive, the 18-member squad that makes up the Bob Jones Patriot Racing Team enters its seventh season of ... Read more

6 months ago by Bob Labbe.

The Madison Mom Leads Local Mothers With Their Children To Everlasting Memories

MADISON- As with most mothers, Elizabeth Neal has a deep yearning to constantly live experiences with her two children and husband and loves to collect ... Read more

7 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Best Friends-Teammates-Roommates; Davenport And Salter Share Life Together

MADISON- Being new to a community can be a trying time for many youngsters facing new schools and new surroundings while looking to secure new ... Read more

8 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Josh Whitehead- Escapes Death, Returns To Running

MADISON- The recent Memorial Day was a grand time for remembering those who gave their lives for the United States and its freedom. The day ... Read more

8 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Madison Senior Center to learn about Irish Drumming

MADISON – Members of Madison Senior Center can experience some music appreciation in upcoming sessions. Read more

9 months ago by Gregg Parker.

Pandamonium!: Local Hall Of Fame Writer Mark McCarter Chronicles The Birth Of The Rocket City Trash Pandas In New Book

MADISON- Reading books has always been a way of life for Mark McCarter. Matter of fact, on average, he’ll complete the read of a book ... Read more

9 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Andre “Trouble Man” Harris Using Professional Boxing To Be A Better Father

MADISON- The sport of boxing can at times be a brutal exhibition of physical activity that inflicts pain on the participants and challenges even the ... Read more

10 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Latest Inductees in Huntsville-Madison County Athletic Hall Of Fame Have Madison Connection

MADISON- Seven women and five men, along with a team, were elected to the 2022 class of the Huntsville-Madison County Athletic Hall of Fame in ... Read more

10 months ago by Bob Labbe.

James Clemens Football To Provide A Good Night’s Sleep- Annual Mattress Sale Set For May 1

MADISON- Get a good night sleep for a good cause. That’s the message the entire James Clemens football program is expressing as the team is ... Read more

10 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Mike Burt: “Family Coach”

MADISON- Mike Burt is a player’s coach, especially for those players who just happen to be family. Since joining the ranks of a volunteer coach ... Read more

10 months ago by Bob Labbe.

FCA To Host Men’s Huddle With “The Ball Coach”

MADISON- The Northeast Alabama chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is set to host its Kingdom Men’s Huddle on Monday, April 18 at Toyota ... Read more

11 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Husband-Wife Coaches Celebrate Youth Basketball Championship In Battle Of The Sexes

MADISON- The traditional commentary of the family that plays together stays together can be taken one step further as for the husband and wife duo ... Read more

11 months ago by Bob Labbe.

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