James Clemens medical and drama students, first responders simulate trauma scene

MADISON – James Clemens High School students and community responders simulated a mock trauma episode with four crashed vehicles.

The event allowed James Clemens students in Health Science internships to demonstrate effective, emergency first-aid skills. Theatre students demonstrated character development through effective improvisation.

“In addition, we use this simulation to educate students on dangers associated with drunk driving. We model collaboration for students through this event by working closely with Madison Fire and Rescue Department and Madison Police Department,” event spokesperson Ashley Steinert said. Steinert, a registered nurse, works as Health Science Instructor.

Surrounded by police tape, the simulation was set up in the back parking lot at James Clemens on Nov. 17.

From James Clemens Theatre, 50-plus students participated from grades 9-12. From Health Science, 31 seniors in internships acted as EMTs and nurses.

“The simulation storyline dispatched Health Science interns to a multi-vehicle collision, also known as a mass casualty incident, with suspected driving under the influence,” Steinert said.

Along with Steinert, adults working at the event were Tricia Collins, Capt. Ryan Gentry and Capt. Jonathan Chapman with Madison Fire and Rescue Department.

“While this event takes a significant amount of time to prepare for, we look forward to the learning experience that this allows for all students involved,” Steinert said. “Students connect content to hands-on skills, as well as educate all teenagers involved about the dangers of drinking and driving.”

“James Clemens Theatre Department does an outstanding job in creating realistic moulage (materials used for mock injuries for training),” Steinert said. Twelve ‘patients’ within the simulation had open fractures, glass impalements, head injuries, cuts and abrasions, cervical fractures, narcotic overdose, epilepsy and heart attack.

After the simulation, Madison firefighters used the wrecked vehicles to train for the Jaws of Life.

Students said the simulation caused them to feel better prepared to handle a real-life accident until help arrives. Wrecked cars emphasized dangers associated with drunk driving.

“This event would not be possible without Madison Fire and Rescue, Madison Police Department and HEMSI. They all play a pivotal role in making this as realistic as possible,” Steinert said.

Firefighters assisted and provided valuable feedback during debriefing. Police officers taped off the scene and controlled spectators. To increase realism, HEMSI first-responders loaded patients into an ambulance after James Clemens Health Science interns completed triage.

Madison firefighters secured the wrecked vehicles for the event.

One week before the ‘incident,’ Madison Fire and Rescue taught courses for “Stop the Bleed” and triage to Health Science interns. Students gained autonomy to triage patients, based on experts’ knowledge. The accident involved one ‘fatality’; interns successfully triaged and transported all remaining patients correctly.

“We are so thankful for community support that Madison Fire and Rescue, Madison Police Department and HEMSI provide us to make this a successful event for our students. This would not be possible without them,” Steinert said.


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